Prayer Intentions

Prayer Linda Beaver at SMG














"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Philippians 4:6

To submit or remove a name, please email Marie Lagman or call the parish Business Office at 781-598-4313.

Here's a beautiful article about saying "yes" to prayer:

Red Cross First Aid Heart

In your charity, please pray for those who are sick:



Jennifer Albano
John Andruskiewicz
Richard Anzuoni, Sr.
Frank Barletta
Jerry Barraford
John Bossi
Jodi Brean
Christopher Campbell
Colin Campbell
Debbie Catalano
Scott Covey
Peggy DeSantis
Gina Distefano
Mark Donovan
Terri Duff
Nick Esposito
Marie Evans
Richard Forrest III
Rosemarie Giordano 
Jack Kennedy
Rosemarie Lovetere
Helene Mader
Lloyd Mader
Elle Marie
Virginia (Ginny) Meole
Rosemary Mitchell
Greg & Kathy Mochi
Chris Nikitas
Msgr. Kevin J. O'Leary
Candace Orlando-Siegel
Richard W. Polhemus
Paul Protz
Christina Pulselli
Christine and Fran Reddy
Jim Rich
Lillian Ross
Patricia A. Saba
David Sakurai
Sharla Caico Sieve
Linda Silverio
Robert Strickland
Marianne Supino
Dario Volante
Christopher Waterman
George Weickert
Daniel Weisenmiller

Flag Gloucester

Please join us in praying for those currently serving in the military and deployed overseas:


Tom Hathaway, USMC
Matthew J. Maimone, US Navy