Pastor's Blog - September 5, 2021

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The letter of St. James says today that our faith must not play favorites.  That simply means we should not create our own caste system for extending Christian virtue to people, such as when we’re kind to people we like, but barely civil to those we don’t like.  We are called to live the gospel of truth and mercy everyday with everybody.  But St. James also points out in his letter, that we must hold a special place in our hearts for the poor, the lowly in our world, those who depend solely on God and on others for their daily sustenance and support in time of crisis.  God has a universal love for all, and so should we.  But without playing favorites, we should always keep an eye out and a heart open for those who are suffering, like the deaf man with a speech impediment that Jesus met and healed in today’s gospel. 

May the bread of life give us all a taste of Christ’s universal saving love and give us the energy to love the lowly as God loves them!