Pastor's Blog - September 26, 2021

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prophets march to the beat of their own drummer.  They never endorse the status quo because they know things can always be better. Moses’ words of lament to his sidekick, Joshua, remain so true today: “Would that all the people of the Lord were prophets!” St. James certainly speaks with a prophetic voice in today’s second reading. He chastises all those so-called religious people who have been piling up wealth at the expense of the poor.  Jesus himself delivers a prophetic message to his disciples when he urges them to take drastic measures to avoid sin and scandal. His words are powerful: “Whatever causes you to sin, cut it out!” 

There are any number of issues today in which we need prophets. The created world and all its resources belong ultimately to God… and it’s up to us to care for the environment that God has designed to be the common home of every person on earth. To echo the words of Moses: “would that all people of the Lord were prophets!” By our baptism, we all share in the prophetic work of Christ. With the grace of the Eucharist, and the power of the Holy Spirit may we all be faithful and true to our role as wise and courageous prophets of Christ in our time.