Pastor's Blog - September 19, 2021

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our culture is big time into competing for #1, with all kinds of glitz and self-promotion.  In light of this cultural obsession to be #1, Jesus’ gospel message today is so different. His message about being great is to remain the last of all and the servant of all. Jesus’ pitch to his disciples is to do for others and humbly give ourselves to others for their benefit, to make their lives better.  Jesus calls us to spend our days looking for ways to serve the Lord and his people. The anonymous servant of our First Reading from the Book of Wisdom today is a good example. In a spirit of courage that went against the current of popular opinion of the time, this servant remained faithful to God and his commandments when his culture did not. 

So what about us? Do we want to be Masters or servants, secular celebrities or Jesus’ worker bees, sideline commentators or laborers in the Lord’s vineyard? This Eucharist is a good place to decide… because Christ gives us his own Body and Blood so that we can be his disciples and share in his divine life.