Pastor's Blog - September 18, 2022

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The gospel today presents us with the most fundamental option of all: the option to choose God or an idol.  On the surface, this may seem like a no-brainer, but this choice between God and some idol is really a choice between belief and unbelief, between charity and self-centeredness, between following the Lord or following somebody or something that is not God.

There is a basic rule in the spiritual life, and it goes like this “without God, we can do nothing; without us, God will do nothing.”  And so, if we profess faith in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then we must pray as if everything depended on God; and act as if everything depended on us. No idol, no so-called mammon can get us to eternity; only God can with our cooperation.  You cannot serve God and mammon because no servant can serve two masters.  This choice is before us once more.  Celebrating and receiving the Eucharist will definitely help us decide!