Pastor's Blog - September 11, 2022

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We can all relate to these lost and found parables of St. Luke, these sacred stories of lost sheep and lost coins and lost children.  These biblical stories are really more about God than about us.  The shepherd and the homemaker and the father in these parables all represent God, and what God does, especially when we are lost in our lives.  It is so easy to get lost today.  But when we are lost, there is one sure way to get found… and it is with God’s help, the amazing grace of the Lord. 

The Church in general, and Ave Maria Parish in particular, is like a holy lost and found.  Let’s face it… we are the lost sheep, the lost coins, the lost children of the gospel.  But here in this place, Christ finds us, where we are — imperfect, sinful, weighed down by many things — and Christ renews us and transforms us, putting us back on the right track again.  For thanks to Christ, we have been lost, and now we are found.  May the Lord find us whenever we are lost and always bring us home to him!