Pastor's Blog - October 24, 2021

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The point of miracle stories like the gospel story of Bartimaeus is that Christ works wonders for those who believe in Him. For Bartimaeus, this meant a healing of his heart and a recovery of his sight. For us today, this can mean another kind of healing and recovery.  There are plenty of people today who long for recovery. They have been battered and bruised by the circumstances of their lives. They are like Bartimaeus… deep down they want to see; they want to recover what they have lost; they want a brighter future. And like Bartimaeus, they cry out for our prayers and for our care, and for the healing touch of Christ. 

The message of today’s gospel is clear. In the presence of Jesus Christ, there is healing and recovery.  They need us to see and serve Christ in them. Christ’s love will never fail those who believe in Him and struggle to find Him in their lives. This love, poured out for us on the cross and given to us in the Eucharist is the healing remedy for all of those with spiritual blind spots who really want to see and serve the Lord Jesus in others.