Pastor's Blog - October 23, 2022

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

At the heart of Catholic social teaching is the God-given dignity of each and every human being. Every stage of human life is precious in God’s sight, from the unborn child to the elderly patient that is nearing his or her last breath… from the sweet innocent baby to the most hardened of criminals on death row.  Human life is sacred, from fragile beginnings to natural end.  God loves everyone and asks us to follow suit.  But God has a special love for those who are in need, those in trouble, those who are vulnerable to pain and suffering.  And so should we. 

In approaching another election day and in living our everyday lives we Catholic Christians keep in mind not just our own well-being and that of our whole nation, but of all the underdogs in our world. Everybody deserves justice and respect, but the lowly must be in the center of the circle of our compassion.