Pastor's Blog - October 17, 2021

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

What motivates us to follow Christ? Is our motivation to go ahead and sip from the cup of suffering and dive into the waters of baptism, just to be with Jesus and stay as close to Jesus as we can get, and serve those Jesus entrusts to us, regardless of the cost?  Jesus endured all that we endure and is thus able to suffer with all who suffer. His suffering is a divine ransom for all sinners. His pain was for our gain.  

Being a servant of the Lord is not easy. One must always be ready to set aside comfort and convenience for the sake of somebody else or something better. But then again… no pain, no gain. So, let us now approach the throne of grace, eat the bread of life, sip from the cup of Christ’s precious blood, and enter more deeply into the mystery of the Lord’s dying and rising – and reap the heavenly rewards!