Pastor's Blog - November 7, 2021

Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s readings, we hear stories about two obscure widows, women who have lost a lot, and yet give away what little they have left to express their love of God and neighbor. If we are going to grow in holiness and discipleship, we have to be willing to take risks, and generously give of ourselves to the point of a stretch and some discomfort, like the widows of today’s stories from Scripture.  And God will bless that effort many times over.  I have certainly found that to be true over and over in my priesthood.  When I extend myself to serve others in ministry, even in some aspects of my ministry that may be difficult or unpleasant, the blessings I receive in return are overflowing. 

Here at the Eucharist, God takes whatever we offer and transforms it; and multiplies its dividends.  So, let’s get ready to present generously our plate of bread and cup of wine and whatever faith and material gifts we may offer, and know that grace upon grace will come back to us in return, starting with the Body and Blood of Christ, our Holy Communion with Jesus and one another.