Pastor's Blog - November 27, 2022

First Sunday of Advent

Christ has some pointed advice for those who wait for God.  It is simple: “Stay awake!” “Remain alert!”  “Be prepared!”  Christ urges those who await his second coming in glory to pay attention and remain focused because the Lord can come when we least expect him.  If we wait in patience, our prayers will be answered, though often in ways that we would never anticipate.  If we wait with discipline, our anger will not get the best of us and peace will eventually come our way.  If we wait for a better future, it will come.. not in our own time and way, but in God’s time and way, with our cooperation of course.  And so friends, we have entered Advent, a season for waiting, not just for Christmas but for Christ’s final coming in glory… and we wait for his return with joyful hope and with an active charity.  So let’s focus on the altar of Christ’s sacrifice and pray the prayer of those who wait for God this Advent and every season of our lives: “Come, Lord Jesus!”