Pastor's Blog - May 30, 2021

The Most Holy Trinity

News and Notes:

We celebrate today the most basic truth of our Catholic faith, the mystery of three persons in one God.  Here are a couple of takeaways from today’s feast. First, at the heart of God there is community.  God is a community of divine persons, a family to which we belong through the grace of our own baptism.  God is in reality a supernatural community, an eternal family of three divine persons. And second, we need the community to be fully alive as human beings and followers of Christ.

We are made to be in relationship with others… and so we should value and rely on the help, the care, and support of others… it is indispensable if we want to be the best version of ourselves. And our faith in the Trinity should also nudge us to do our part, to contribute to the well-being of every community to which we belong, because our life in Christ is not about us co-existing as disconnected individuals… it is about us being loving, serving members of a family of persons just like the Trinity.  So may the Eucharist draw us deeper into the family circle of divine persons, and give us members of the Church another sweet taste of the blessed life we share with the Holy Trinity.