Pastor's Blog - May 29, 2022

Seventh Sunday of Easter

My friends, we are called to pray for others, especially that they would be one with Christ. Today, there is so much going on that can take us away from unity with Jesus and with each other. There is a rampant individualism that says life is all about me… my opinions, my interests are the only ones that count. But Jesus is still praying for a deeper unity among his people, and so must we. Jesus is praying that the world he redeemed would be united in a just and lasting peace. Jesus is praying that all his disciples, all the baptized, would be one in a visible communion; a vibrant, powerful sign of faith and charity.  

The Eucharist is the sacrament of unity. It is the priceless gift Christ gives us to be one with him. Whenever we eat this bread from heaven, Jesus gives us a share in his knowledge, his love, his glory, his very life.  The Eucharist, our Holy Communion, is the sacrament that helps us be close to Jesus every day, and to share in the life he won for us on the cross.