Pastor's Blog - May 23, 2021

Pentecost Sunday

News and Notes:

When our lives seem like a stack of pick-up sticks, strewn all over the place, with pain poking up in one direction, fear in another, and discouragement pointing everywhere, the Lord stands in the midst of our fragmented, disjointed lives and says with the breath of the Spirit “peace be with you.” When life gets very confusing, when we find ourselves in the middle of a busy intersection and are not quite sure what road to take, the Spirit has a way of nudging us in the right direction, which is always to tell and live the story of God’s love for us in Christ.

May the Holy Spirit fall afresh on us this Pentecost Sunday, and through our Holy Communion with Christ put divine wind in our sails to live the gospel and our Catholic faith to the full; and to move us ever so closer to our eternal destination!