Pastor's Blog - May 16, 2021

Seventh Sunday of Easter

News and Notes:

The Holy Spirit is always on the move, at work 24/7 to keep us close to Jesus, to help us remain in his love.  But the Holy Spirit needs us to say “yes” to his offer of assistance; it’s up to us.  During this month we honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Jesus’ first and best disciple… she always said yes to the Holy Spirit… and with the help of her prayers and example, she can help us say “yes” to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

With the Spirit’s help, our anger can soften into compassion; our fears can be channeled into courage; our selfishness can give way to charity; our conflicts can give way to peace; our enslavement to addictions can be broken; and our doubts can find clarity and resolution.  So in the coming days, may the Spirit of Jesus fall afresh on us and fill us with every good gift to live in Christ!  We call upon the Holy Spirit at every Mass we celebrate… to move among us and transform our simple wafers of bread and cups of altar wine into the Body and Blood of Christ… the spiritual food and drink we really need to remain in loving communion with Jesus the risen Lord.