Pastor's Blog - May 15, 2022

Fifth Sunday of Easter

The gold standard of our Christian faith is the commandment that we love others as the Lord loves us.  Here's the deal.  In order to channel Jesus’ love to a person or situation that may seem unlovable, we disciples of Jesus need to stay close to him; we need to listen carefully to his whispers and to his shouts; we need to hear his heartbeat, to spot him and serve him even in the most troublesome, annoying persons in our lives.  That way, the old-fashioned commandment that we love one another will come alive in our lives and Jesus’ prophecy will come true: “Behold, I make all things new.”  May the grace of the risen Lord now take something very ordinary and familiar like our wafers and altar wine and make something extraordinarily new, the Body and Blood of Christ to help us love one another as he has loved us!