Pastor's Blog - May 12, 2019

Fourth Sunday of Easter

News and Notes:

OLA School First Communicants... On the weekend in which we celebrate Jesus as our Good Shepherd, we are welcoming new members of those who will share in the Eucharist with us.  So, congratulations to the second graders of OLA School for receiving their First Holy Communion and many thanks to their teachers, Mary Disick and Colleen Shea, for their great work in preparing these children for their second Sacrament of Initiation.  May the Body and Blood of Christ, the food and drink the Good Shepherd provides for his flock, be a regular source of spiritual nourishment for all our children!

Catholic Appeal Update... As of April 19, OLA parishioners had pledged $45,760 which is 69% of their goal; and SMG parishioners had pledged $30,140, which is 71% of their goal of $42,207.  Thanks to all our donors thus far.  Please make a pledge if you have not yet done so, and help your parish reach its goal, hopefully before the end of this month.  Once again this year, if a parish surpasses its fair-share assessment, up to fifty cents of every dollar raised will come back to that parish, money that can be used to pay our bills. 

Happy Mother’s Day and heartfelt thanks to all our moms and maternal figures in our lives…and Easter blessings to all of you in the week ahead!