Pastor's Blog - May 11, 2014

Fourth Sunday of Easter

News and Notes:  Here is financial snapshot of how our two parishes are doing in their Offertory contributions three quarters of the way through the current fiscal year (July 1, 2013-March 31, 2014): 

OLA:  $355, 901.68, which is $16,526.62 over the budget of $339,375.06
SMG: $241,301.10, which is $33,576.90 under the budget of $274,878

As the spring unfolds and summer approaches, please support your respective parish by the generous sacrificial giving that is characteristic of those who are committed followers of Christ.  Here is an update on the 2014 Catholic Appeal (CA):  as of April 30, 198 families from OLA had pledged $45,402 which is 85% of their goal of $53,452; and 104 SMG families had pledged $22,750, which is 77% of their goal of $29,685.  Both parishes have performed very well in the first two months of the 2014 CA campaign.  Thanks to all who have made pledges thus far!  If you have not yet pledged to the 2014 CA, please do so as soon as possible.  If a parish exceeds its particular CA assessment this year, it will receive back 60% of the additional funds pledged for use in its own community of faith.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all our mothers for their beautiful vocation of bearing and nurturing life and love in our families.  Here is a blessing for our mothers on Mother’s Day weekend: 

Loving God, as a mother gives life and nourishment to her children, so you watch over your Church.  Bless these women, that they may be strengthened as Christian mothers.  Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.  Grant that we, their sons and daughters, may honor them always with a spirit of profound respect.  Grant this through Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Blessings to all of you in the week ahead!