Pastor's Blog - March 7, 2021

Third Sunday of Lent

News and Notes:

Christ is the most eloquent expression of our humanity; his is a human nature in complete personal communication with the divine.  His anger was never out of control, never destructive of human dignity.  He experienced the full range of human emotions, but never sinned.  His humanity is the fulfillment and perfection of the laws of love, first given to Moses in the Ten Commandments.  Angry, vengeful, fearful people brought Jesus to the cross, but Jesus did not speak words of hate to them.  He didn’t promise retaliation against them in the future.  He actually forgave them and even promised a condemned criminal a place in Paradise.  So may the grace of Christ flowing from the Eucharist help us to manage our anger, cleanse us from all the damaging effects of anger, and channel our passion so that our anger gives way to something good and holy… like justice for the wronged, and reconciliation for the estranged, and healing for the wounded, and love for our neighbor.

Blessings to all of you in the Lenten week ahead!