Pastor's Blog - March 6, 2022

First Sunday of Lent

Lent, for most people, is a time for giving something up.  Jesus shows us that the thing we really want to give up during Lent is sin, our tendency to be seduced by our demons, our habit of missing the mark in our relationships with God and each other, our caving in to our cravings for pleasure, for power, for fame, all at the price of our human and spiritual dignity. 

So… what are you giving up during Lent? Whatever it is — chocolate or sweets, caffeine or some app, gossip or lying — we really want to grow closer to Christ.  These days are a gift, a graced opportunity to fall more deeply in love with God, and to learn how to follow Christ more closely. May the Eucharist give us the strength to give up sin, and to celebrate our identity as children of God!