Pastor's Blog - March 6, 2016

Fourth Sunday of Lent

News and Notes: The 2016 Catholic Appeal has begun.   This year the theme of the Catholic Appeal is “Living our Faith Together.”  As you know the Catholic Appeal funds over 50 Central Ministries in the Catholic Church in Eastern Massachusetts.  Last year, both our parishes surpassed their respective goals, resulting in about a $1,000 rebate for St. Maria’s and a nearly $9,000 rebate for Our Lady’s.  Moreover, we are off to a good start in this year’s Campaign.  As of February 23, SMG parishioners had already pledged $5,870, which is 21% of their 2016 goal ($27,797); and OLA parishioners had donated $15,170, which is 28% of their goal this calendar year ($54,938).  I have already made my Catholic Appeal pledge, with equal amounts attributed to each parish, and strongly encourage all families in our Collaborative to make a pledge on behalf of their particular parish.  Next weekend, you will have a chance to fill out a Catholic Appeal pledge form at Mass.  Please consider making a generous gift that will support the mission of our parishes and the wider Catholic Church in our Archdiocese.  If you are looking for some incentive to do so, once again this year if a parish surpasses its assigned fair share assessment, that parish will receive 60% of the excess funds back in a rebate.  Don’t forget two wonderful Lenten events at SMG this week: the Witness Talk night on Thursday, March 10 beginning at 6:30PM; and “Passover and Exodus,”  a Catholic-Jewish interactive presentation led by Celia Sirois and Naomi Towvim which will take place next Sunday, March 13 from 6:00-7:30PM.  Blessings to all of you in the week ahead!