Pastor's Blog - June 5, 2022

Pentecost Sunday

Breath is the very symbol of life, and one of the images of the Holy Spirit is the breath of God. We first inhale this breath of God at our baptism, and we keep breathing it in whenever we hear the Word of God with an open mind and soft heart, whenever we wander away from Jesus and then receive absolution for our sins, whenever we receive Christ in Holy Communion and let his love feed our hungry souls, and whenever we are attentive and and responsive to the promptings of God within us. But breath cannot just be inhaled… it has to be exhaled, too.  And when it comes to the breath of God, that exhaling happens when we follow the Holy Spirits’ lead and extend Christ’s love to others. On Pentecost Sunday, may the Spirit of Christ fall afresh on us… and help us exhale Christ’s love to our world!