Pastor's Blog - June 13, 2021

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

News and Notes:

The parable in today’s gospel describes a farmer who sows seed but doesn’t seem to understand how seeds become plants; and how in due course, plants can produce a harvest of grain.  So, what does this parable say to us about our part in Kingdom gardening today? What does Jesus’ teaching on seeds have to do with our mission today of spreading the Word of God and drawing other people to Christ and his Church?

Here’s the takeaway from God’s Word today: we all have to get busy being Kingdom gardeners… one person at a time, sowing the seed of kindness, the seed of generosity, the seed of faithful service in the name of Christ. The Kingdom of God comes among us on God’s terms in God’s way at God’s time and for God’s glory. But we can do our part by scattering seeds wherever and whenever we can. So let’s take and eat the Body of Christ, food for the sowers, and get busy gardening in the Kingdom of God!