Pastor's Blog - June 12, 2022

The Most Holy Trinity

On Trinity Sunday, we celebrate our faith that we are never alone, because of who our God is.  Today we affirm a central tenet of our Catholic faith: that God is in fact a community of persons, a family of persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – bound together in love, freely giving that love to each other and to all of creation and to us, his beloved children.  So at the heart of God, there is not isolation or rugged individualism -- there is companionship, there is partnership, there is a community of loving persons always being with and for each other in love. 

We Catholics are like the Holy Trinity, many members making up one big family with all its shared blessings and responsibilities.  We need each other; we need the Church; we need the parish; we need the Word of God and the sacraments and a community of faith on our way home to God.