Pastor's Blog - July 4, 2021

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

News and Notes:

After more than a year of being enslaved by a pandemic, this weekend we Americans are celebrating our freedom from tyranny.  And in particular, this year we are celebrating our growing freedom from a deadly virus. But we Christians hold that the ultimate source of our freedom flows from God -- the freedom from the powers of sin and death that enslave us and the freedom to love as Christ taught us. The great prophets of our Christian tradition have made good use of their freedom, and so must we.

Because of our common baptism, we all have been called by Christ to use our freedom of conscience and will to speak the truth in love, and to resist and confront wrongdoing wherever we encounter it. May the Eucharist strengthen us to use our freedom wisely to bear witness to Christ and build up his Church in faith and love!