Pastor's Blog - July 25, 2021

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

News and Notes:

Every week, Christ invites us to bring our appetites, our hungers here to the table of his love.  And we come, hungry for everything under the sun.  We are hungry for answers to our prayers.  We are hungry to get beyond all uncertainties and threats of the present.  We are hungry to have our problems resolved, our wounds healed, our broken relationships reconciled, our anger melt, and our anxieties subside.  We are hungry for meaning and for happiness in life.  The Mass is our version of a grassy place to recline and to be fed.  Here Christ gathers us hungry people into an assembly of worship.

My friends, Christ is the Bread of Life that satisfies every human hunger.  The Mass is the place where we are nourished by the Eucharist to be bread for others, to be the ears that listen; the hands that reach out; the feet that move in service of the hungry.  Christ performs another miracle every time we celebrate Mass, by feeding us with the gift of finest wheat, his own Body!  For in our holy communion with the Lord and each other here, there is always enough grace leftover to serve the hunger of others we meet in the week ahead.