Pastor's Blog - July 17, 2022

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My friends, no matter what road we choose to travel home to God, we are all called to strive to be better disciples of Christ every day. But the good news is every one of us can become a saint. Even Martha, anxious and worried and busy about many things, became a saint.

Martha is really a saint for our times because her challenge was like the one facing so many followers of Jesus today: the challenge to take time away from all the busyness and worries, the preoccupations and anxieties of our lives, and just relish the presence of the Lord and enjoy his company, and trust in his love. That’s what we are doing right now at Mass. With the help of the Eucharist, may we all walk our own path to God with our ears open to the word of Christ and our hands extended to serve our brothers and sisters.