Pastor's Blog - January 22, 2023

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend, we hear a message loud and clear from Jesus: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”  The Lord is calling all of us to dedicate ourselves to the hard but necessary work of ongoing conversion, so that we may be disciples who draw others to the Lord Jesus and his Church. One obvious area in terms of the need for conversion in our own country is the consistent ethic of life. Today is the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade that legalized abortion in our country. That decision was overturned last year by the current Supreme Court but our nation remains very divided on this issue of the right to life at its inception.  My own view is that unless we Catholics can offer a credible, consistent argument that the entire spectrum of human life is precious and has a God-given dignity from womb to tomb (from the first moment of conception to the last moment we draw breath before natural death), we will have a hard time changing minds and hearts to embrace official Church teaching on the sanctity of life at its origin.

With the grace of the Eucharist, may the Lord grant us the motivation and courage we need to help others to know and serve Him!