Pastor's Blog - January 2, 2022

The Epiphany of the Lord

The astrologers from the east came Bethlehem in the first place because they were drawn by a star; they were attracted by a powerful advertisement in the sky, a bright star that acted like a magnet pulling strangers to come from far away to worship the Christ child.  And so it must be today.  People can be the stars that direct others to Christ today – people who believe in Christ and strive to be Christ’s disciples every day—these people can advertise his gospel and promote his mission and draw others to come and worship the Lord.  That means we, the baptized, can all be like that star that led the astrologers to Christ and the Holy Family.  We are never going to grow as a Catholic Church today unless we advertise, unless we promote our faith and our mission more confidently, more positively.  And so, to your list of New Year’s resolutions, why not add one to promote your faith in Christ and his Church more effectively in the year ahead – to let people know in word and deed that you treasure your Catholic faith and are committed to live it to the hilt. 

And so, with the Eucharist in your hands, on our tongues, and in our hearts, may we all be stars for others in 2022, leading them to Christ and to his beloved Church.