Pastor's Blog - January 16, 2022

The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

The discipline of delayed gratification is the secret to success and happiness in everything we do in family life, in school, at work, in all our relationships, and even for the spiritual life. Take today's gospel of the wedding at Cana for example. When this miraculous wine was served to the guests, the head steward mistakenly gave credit to the bridegroom, thinking he had saved this amazing vintage for the last moment of the wedding. But it wasn’t the groom who practiced delayed gratification -- it was Jesus. And this miracle, this sign, pointed to the very character of God, who sometimes does not give us what we want according to our first instinct, but what we really need to love and serve him.

God loves us so much that sometimes he seems to delay the answer to our prayers, knowing we are not ready, because he wants to give us something so much more than we can ever imagine or want at the present moment. God saves the best of his earthly and heavenly gifts for last, and serves them with abundance and deep joy to those who wait for Him, who trust Him, who love Him.  So friends, let’s just wait prayerfully with our ears and hearts open, for the Lord’s best is yet to come.