Pastor's Blog - January 15, 2023

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

The three main characters in today’s scripture readings heard God calling them to take some action to advance his divine plan and purpose.  Isaiah heard a call to bring a message of hope to his beleaguered people who were being held hostage in Babylon.  St. Paul heard a call to be an apostle of Christ. John the Baptist heard a call to be the forerunner of Christ, to prepare the way of the Lord.  All three of these biblical giants heard a divine call and responded by taking some action that served the Lord and his people.

My friends, by virtue of our baptism, we are children of God who claim Christ as our Lord and brother.  That means ultimately, we belong to Christ and as such, are called to be holy people by walking in his footsteps.  So what are your spiritual resolutions for 2023?  What action can you take to make your soul healthier and to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ?  A New Year has dawned, and so it is time for us to respond, with the help of the Eucharist, of course!