Pastor's Blog - January 13, 2019

The Baptism of the Lord

News and Notes:  Thanks to all those who contributed in any way to our celebration of the Christmas Season.   Special thanks go to Kathy Lucey (SMG) and Fr. Tony (OLA) for their leadership role in decorating our churches; Dan Whelan and JJ Kenney for their valuable assistance in setting up the trees, wreaths and crèches; and Jayson Cote, Gina Kolenda, our cantors, choirs and other keyboardists for the beautiful music they provided.   An additional word of thanks is due to Kate McGrath (OLA), as well as Colleen Gioioso and Jamie Bossi (SMG), and all the children and adults involved in the wonderful Epiphany Pageants that took place in our parishes last week.

Beginning this year, our long-running 1000 club will be run by the OLA School, since the lion’s share of proceeds from this fundraiser have been going to support the School for years.  Thanks to our Principal, Cindy Donovan, for her leadership in this move; and to Betsy Gallant, Caterina Benitez and Bob Kolenda for their good work in making this transition.  The current plan is to conduct the monthly drawing in the OLA Church Hall on the 3rd Sunday of every month following the 9AM Mass, which the School Community hosts.  I invite all current members to join me in continuing our support of the 1000 club and all parishioners and members of our School family to sign up for a number…it only costs $5 per month and will ensure a strong financial future for our excellent School.

We are very grateful to all parishioners who have sent in their pledge cards in response to our Development Campaign for 2019!  If you have not yet made a commitment to meet the Offertory and Capital Improvement needs of your respective parish, we invite you to do so in the near future so we can plan our budget for the next fiscal year accordingly.  Both parishes have operating expenses to pay and maintenance needs to address, bills which will only get more expensive as the months and years go by.  We count on the generous stewardship of all our parishioners to meet our financial obligations to support our personnel; and take good care of our buildings and property.  Blessings to all of you in the week ahead!