Pastor's Blog - February 6, 2022

The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Where do we find God in our lives?  Isaiah met the Lord in the splendor of the Temple, where Isaiah had a powerful vision of angels serving God, praising God’s holiness, and marveling at the Lord’s glory that filled the earth.  Simon Peter, on the other hand, found God in a boat near the seashore where he and his fellow fishermen were washing their empty nets after a long, futile night trying to make a catch.  The point of our readings is that we can find God just about anywhere if we just look closely enough with our vision of faith.

In just a few days from now, we will be celebrating the World Day of the Sick (Friday, February 11), and our annual reminder to look for God in the sick, the aging, those with broken bodies and minds and spirits.  The truth is that Christ, the Son of God, can be found in all those who suffer, accompanying them, comforting them, easing their anxiety, laboring to heal them and bring them hope.  So let’s keep an eye out for the Lord’s face in the days ahead, and try especially to find him and serve him in all those who bear the burden of human suffering.  The Eucharist will give us the grace we need.