Pastor's Blog - February 28, 2021

Second Sunday of Lent

News and Notes:

Our lives are sprinkled with experiences of people and events that can also be eye-openers and life changers if we are open and willing to see as God wants us to see.  Often the experience of suffering, or being deprived in some way, can open our eyes to see more clearly the many gifts God has bestowed on us and to pay more attention to the suffering of others around us, and to take note of the many reasons why we should put our trust in the Lord.  And we can all get a better, broader perspective on life when we perform some Christian service for those in need, like one of the corporal works of mercy.  The truth is our hearts generally soften when we reach out and accompany our friends and loved ones through a health crisis or some tragedy that comes their way.  And we can all certainly experience a transformation of our vision when we allow God’s word to sink deeply into the soil of our hearts, and when we receive the sacraments with a lively faith, instead of just going through the motions in some Church ritual.  So, may we see the Lord and his people differently this Lent, and serve Christ and the Church with greater fidelity and compassion!