Pastor's Blog - February 24, 2019

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

News and Notes:  This weekend is the kickoff for the 2019 Catholic Appeal, the annual campaign to raise sufficient funds to support the 50+ Central Ministries of our local Church that serve the needs of our brothers and sisters throughout Eastern Massachusetts.  This year, the goals for our parishes are as follows: $66, 232 for OLA and $42,207 for SMG.  Because each parish has to meet its in-pew pledge card assessment in order to receive a rebate, I ask every parish family to fill out a pledge card for the 2019 Catholic Appeal, whether you are able to make a donation or not.  I invite all of you to join me in supporting the great charitable work of our local Church by making a generous contribution to the Catholic Appeal.  Once again this year, we are grateful that our parishes have two outstanding Catholic Appeal Coordinators: Beverly Merritt at SMG and Angela Siraco at OLA.  Blessings to all of you in the week ahead!