Pastor's Blog - December 5, 2021

Second Sunday of Advent

Friends, what if we could see our lives this Second Sunday in Advent as just the beginning of God’s new work in our lives? We spend so much time rehashing the past, trying to rewrite the script of our mistakes of lamenting the bad things that have happened to us. We can also get stuck fretting about the future, frozen in a constant state of worry about the next shoe to drop. When we dwell too much about the past or the future, we can miss the opportunities for a new beginning in the present, right now!  

Today and every day, God grants us a new beginning, a fresh chance to see and to make good news. God is ready and willing to provide a new beginning for us if we are willing to seize it. Advent suggests that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is just a new beginning of God’s work in and through us.  Today is a wonderful day to embrace with all our being the person of Christ as the Savior of our life. Saying “yes” to him is just the new beginning of living in his grace, a new chapter of serving him and serving others in his love. So let’s meet and receive Jesus in the Eucharist and open our hearts to a new beginning as his disciples and friends!