Pastor's Blog - December 19, 2021

Fourth Sunday of Advent

There is a danger in the way our culture markets Christmas -- we can mistakenly equate the giving and receiving of many gifts with a big, meaningful celebration of Christ’s birthday. If we make this mistake we may be missing some miracles wrapped in the ordinary moments and events of life.

Here is a wonderful truth that comes to life in Advent. God is always bringing to life something in our lives that has a joyous, sort of leaping quality about it.  Mary and Elizabeth show us that a simple visit, where the most meaningful gift is a little care and concern, can help bring dreams leap forward into birth. This is the message of Christmas: that God has visited us in Christ and made our dreams for eternal life come true. May Christ’s visit to us today under the appearance of bread and wine give birth to our dreams for holiness of life, and help us extend kindness to others in all our visits this Christmastime!