Pastor's Blog - December 12, 2021

Third Sunday of Advent

On this Third Sunday of Advent, we pause for a moment of rejoicing.  This pause is like a brief stop at a scenic spot where we can stand in awe of the sight before us, the breathtaking view of creation coming alive again after a long, hard winter.  We Christians have more reason than anyone to be joyful.  But the question is…do we reflect that joy to others?  Do we communicate joy to our family member and co-workers, our neighbors, our fellow parishioners?  Do we live our lives joyfully in the light of Christ’s coming?  

When we become preoccupied with our own problems, put our own interests and issues at the center of the universe, and become indifferent and immune to the pain of others, we have a hard time radiating joy.  When we spend most of our waking hours complaining about this or that, and being critical and cynical about people and life, we are really wasting time, because life is a gift for which our hearts should overflow with joy.  But joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives.  And because this Spirit has given us Jesus, we Christians have every reason to be joyful, to be full of hope, and to move into the future with confidence.

My friends, our God is a God who transforms our lives and bring us healing and hope.  In the words of St. Paul, let us rejoice in the Lord always, especially for his presence among us at the Eucharist.