Pastor's Blog - August 28, 2022

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

The sad truth is that pride, if left unchecked, cuts us off from other people, and can ultimately cut us off from God.  Jesus extols the virtue of an unassuming humility in today’s parables.  He says: those who exalt themselves will be humbled; and those who humble themselves will be exalted.  Jesus himself is the model of humility.  He did not come to seek recognition or attention as the eternal Son of God.  He did not pursue his own advancement as a celebrity in the course of his life and ministry.  Jesus emptied himself in faithful, sacrificial love, especially on the cross. His humility has brought us not destruction but salvation; not a disgraceful fall, but a glorious hope in the resurrection of the dead. 

As we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, may we avoid the pitfalls of pride and a haughty spirit, and grow in Christ-like humility in the week ahead.