Pastor's Blog - August 21, 2022

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

The letter to the Hebrews today speaks about the importance of spiritual discipline.  God invites us to be disciplined believers, to strengthen our drooping hands and brace our weak knees and endure all our trials with a measure of trust in the Lord.  When disciplined people fail as we all do from time to time, they do not spend their waking hours blaming others – or even God!  They reach out to God and others for help, and they keep moving forward with their eyes on the prize -- life on the medal stand, life on high with Christ Jesus.  

It isn’t easy these days.  When Sundays have become just another shopping day at the mall and many of our fellow citizens are choosing sports and socials over the practice of their faith, we choose to come to Church, we listen to God’s word, we eat and drink of the Lord in Holy Communion. Here at the Eucharist, God provides us with all we need to be disciplined followers of Jesus, especially the Body of the Lord, heavenly food for those who choose the way of the cross.