Pastor's Blog - August 15, 2021

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Why are we celebrating Mary’s Assumption into heaven today?  Why do we Catholics pause every summer to celebrate Mary’s Assumption, body and soul into the glory of her Son at the end of her life? 

The answer is simple, because Mary is an inspiration to all of us, especially here at Ave Maria Parish.  Her earthly life was one of total dedication to the will of God and the mission of Jesus, and so must ours.  She bore her sorrows with an unwavering trust in the providence of God, and so must we.  She used her body not for her own self-interests and pleasure, but exclusively as a home for God and as an instrument of his love; this is our call as well.  Her lips expressed only truth and goodness; our lips should, too.  Her heart beat for God above all; in this and in all things, she shows us the way.  In the end, she experienced the glory we all hope to share one day, the glory of heaven.  May we all grow closer to Jesus through the prayers and example of Mary!  The Eucharist will give us just a taste of the glory of heaven, the glory for which we should strive as Mary did every single day.