Pastor's Blog - April 3, 2022

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today, we hear once more the powerful story of an accused woman.  There is not much doubt about her guilt.  Even Jesus acknowledges that she had sinned. So, some religious leaders bring this particular woman before Jesus to see how he would pronounce judgment and decide her fate.  She was powerless to do anything but put her life in Jesus’ hands.  So in the end, she received more than human justice or the justice due her in the Law of Moses.  She received divine justice because Jesus was her judge.  She was guilty of sin, yes, but Jesus simply blessed her with compassion and released her with a sentence to sin no more.

The religious leaders in this story represent us at our worst. We are very prone to spend our days passing judgment on others. By his judgment in the case of the adulterous woman, Jesus gives us all reason to drop our stones, and seek a higher form of justice for a fellow member of the human family Jesus redeemed.

In this fifth week of Lent, Jesus encourages us to be slow to judge and condemn, but eager to seek justice with compassion. May our celebration of the Eucharist and reception of Holy Communion help us all to forgive and sin no more!