Pastor's Blog - April 24, 2022

Second Sunday of Easter / Divine Mercy Sunday

This Second Sunday of Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday, which is a celebration of the abundant mercy that flows from the heart of Christ, our risen Lord.  The gospel for this weekend is the story of our Savior’s appearance to his disciples behind locked doors shortly after the Resurrection.  One of the twelve apostles, Thomas, was a no-show at this appearance of the risen Lord, and when he hears his fellow disciples marveling at their post-Easter encounter with Jesus, Thomas balks. Thomas needed to experience for himself with his own senses the bodily resurrection of Christ. Notice, Jesus does not reject or shun Thomas because of his initial unbelief. In his mercy, Jesus provides Thomas with the evidence he needs to come to faith in the Resurrection.  May we always rejoice in the Lord… for his mercy endures forever!