Pastor's Blog - April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

News and Notes:

On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the central mystery of our Christian faith: the Resurrection of our crucified Lord and Savior.  This year, St. Matthew’s account of the Resurrection is the gospel text proclaimed at the Easter Vigil.  In Matthew’s testimony, the Resurrection occurs with wondrous special effects: including the earth quaking; an angel descending from heaven and flashing like lightning; a huge stone at the entrance of the tomb suddenly rolling away; and nearby soldiers becoming paralyzed with fear.  Mary Magdalene and the “other” Mary go to the tomb at dawn on the first Easter morning.  In the midst of all the spectacular signs around Jesus’ grave, an angel reassures the women and invites them to inspect the tomb and see for themselves that it was empty.  Then, as they hasten to deliver the astounding news of Jesus’ Resurrection to the apostles and other disciples, the women come face to face with the risen Lord who tells them:  “Do not be afraid.”  The two women named Mary report their experience of the Resurrection to their fellow disciples and urge them to go to Galilee where the resurrected Jesus promised to appear to them.  The story of the Resurrection is not only the foundation of our faith in Christ as our Lord and Savior; it is the ultimate reason for our hope.  Just when Jesus’ disciples thought his life was over; his mission of ushering in the reign of God snatched away by a cruel turn of events, the Holy Spirit breathed new life into the crucified Jesus, giving him a new, glorified bodily form.  This great feast of Easter tells us that in Christ, death does not have the last word on our lives; resurrection does.  It also assures us that God always labors in our lives to bring light out of darkness, healing out of pain, compassion out of cruelty, and life out of death.  May our celebration of Easter strengthen our faith in the saving power of God, and bolster our hope that in Christ, hope springs eternal!

Our Pastoral Team wishes you a joyful Easter!