Discipleship School has launched!

News June 7, 2019

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands “Go and make disciples.” It might surprise you to know that he was talking to YOU. When we are baptized, we are signed up to be disciples. Our parents promise to raise us to evangelize. Really.

This is why our Collaborative, in cooperation with St. Theresa's in North Reading, has launched Discipleship School for our parishioners. There are answers that all of us seek to hot topics in the Catholic Church. In our daily lives, we meet people who have questions about our beliefs on God, the Catholic Church, heaven, the Holy Eucharist.... and we should have answers. We should know what to say to those who have been away from the church and want to return, or people who are thinking of leaving the church and need to be encouraged to stay.

For the inaugural session, 30 people from St. Maria Goretti, Our Lady of the Assumption, and St. Theresa’s Church in North Reading were invited to participate. Students will not only learn what a disciple is, but will be empowered to go out into the world and be a good ones. We want to start a wave of intentional, emboldened disciples. It can start here. It can start with us. Go and make disciples.

Discipleship School Organizers

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