Journeys of Faith

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"We all have—and are—stories of faith, for through the Spirit, the Gospel of Jesus Christ takes hold of us in the proclamation of his Word, and Jesus touches us in the celebration of his sacraments.

When this genuinely happens, we are all set ablaze by his love. We can understand evangelization in light of these stories of faith: namely, how we have been changed by the power of Christ's word and sacraments and how we have an essential role in sharing that faith through our daily lives as believers."  

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Go & Make Disciples


Through our Baptism, we are incorporated into the life of Christ and his mission and are called to proclaim the good news of God’s love through our words, our actions, our good works, our values, and our relationships.  We are called to be Jesus’ disciples and to bear witness to the saving love of God. 

Part of being a disciple of Jesus includes evangelization: sharing our experiences of God and faith in Him with others.  We share our faith because we know for ourselves the healing love and action of God in our own lives.  Although our stories and life experiences are unique, we walk with each other in our journey of faith.  We help each other to see the goodness and grace of God in our midst through the joys and sorrows that all of us encounter. 

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We hope our parish video series, Journeys of Faith, gives breath to the stories and experiences of God in the lives of parishioners.  Sharing our stories of faith brings connection and helps us focus on the love of God that we seek.  Sharing our stories helps us all to put things in perspective.  Our stories inspire others who have similar experiences, and they help us to look deeper into the way in which God works in our life and enable us to realize we are not alone in the things we go through and do. 

We encourage you to view the videos in the sidebar of this page or YouTube page, and listen prayerfully to the stories that are told with an open heart so that they might enhance your journey with Christ.  If you would like to share your Journey of Faith, please contact: Kate McGrath via email or at 781-598-4313 x224.


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