Grades 1-6

Grades 1-6

We Believe—Overview of Sadlier’s Grade 1-6 Parish Edition

Practicing the Sign of the Cross during SMG First Communion Retreat 03/16/19The Sadlier program's spiral curriculum presents the Catholic faith, at each grade level, in developmentally appropriate ways and incorporates the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as they are to be lived—interwoven in the fullness of Christian life.  Concepts of each of the four pillars are revisited and integrated across the grades, deepening the student’s comprehension of key faith concepts.

The Catechetical process utilizes clear, concise lessons that follows Jesus’ teaching example.  Lessons address every learning style and integrate prayer, liturgy, and Catholic Social Teaching.  Activities are designed to be child-initiated so as to help students become evangelizers of the faith.

Our Faith Formation team continues to strive to find the best program to share the beauty of our faith with our children and families.  We are committed to our partnership with parents to “encourage a living, explicit and fruitful profession of faith” (CCC 1229) for your children.


Grade K – God Made the World
Grade 1 – God Loves Us
Grade 2 – Jesus Shares God’s Life
Grade 3 – We Are the Church
Grade 4 – God’s Law Guides Us
Grade 5 – We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments
Grade 6 – We Are God’s People